financial planning
Financial planning is considered to be for the rich only, we are on a mission to change that.
We are offering flexible ways to integrate our bespoke financial planning solution into your offering. It will help you quickly enhance functionality and boost user engagement
Total Balance provides a fully customizable white label solution that you can embed as a standalone application. Solution lets users build out financial plans, get user analytics, route users to other products internally and more.
Full white label solution
Option #1
Financial dashboard is our most advanced feature where we have 7 proprietary financial categories and cash flow planning. We will add educational content around various assets classes soon.

Financial dashboard integration into app provides an SDK or an external UI component that can be natively integrated into the existing application.
Option #2 has pre-selected SEC-registered financial planners and for any user who needs advice around financial planning, we’d be able to match the user with an appropriate planner.
with SEC registered financial planner
Get a consultation
The integration is seamless - the user initiates a questionnaire, analyzes the responses and connects the financial planner with the user.
Option #3
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If interested please contact, we would be happy to do a demo for you
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