Mobile app to help clients and financial planners work together. Find new prospects who need your expert opinion.
Platform for
Financial Planners
Audience has over 250 initial sign-ups of people looking for financial advice
Platform is a comprehensive platform with pre-built integrations with financial institutions and ability to see the whole financial picture of a user
Acquire users can request a consultation with financial planner through embedded form and team will pass the leads to financial planners that partner with us
Onboard helps financial planners save time
by providing comprehensive financial picture of the user upfront is improving the platform to manage the financial planning process end-to-end
We are working on building a comprehensive platform for financial planners to help manage client’s portfolios with full visibility on the client’s asset structure and ability to rebalance the portfolio.
coming soon
Yuliya Klimko
Software Engineer with over 9 years of experience in Mobile Development
Seasoned product manager with experience from IB, VC, tech and startup world
Product & Strategy
Max Grigoryev
UX designer with experience in top tech and digital banking companies
UX / UI design
Oksana Portnova
Berkeley Haas MBA candidate with CS degree and experience in consulting and tech
Strategy & Operations
Misha Kryukov
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